Andreas Lagger

Beyond Agile – Elevated Agile Towards Human Organizations (en)

You will discover and experience that moving step by step to a human & high-performance organization model implies a fundamental transformation in the way of working, acting and thinking, both for management and employees.

You can expect to be challenged by: looking at organizations from a holistic view, understanding why efficiency by Agile is falling short and not effective on organizational level, a paradigm-shift in leadership and minimizing bureaucracy

To raise your awareness on: the need to identify the toxic ingredients that lead to disengagement and low responsiveness, the relevance of the social capital in your organization, the importance of having both customers AND employees as fans.

And grab ideas about: what really matters to achieve a healthy workplace-culture based on human values, social and emotional intelligence and purpose, the impact of extreme care for all stakeholders rather than only for shareholders, options and differences of “implementing Agile” vs “adopting a human, flexible and high-performance network organization“.

About Andreas

Andreas Lagger has more than 25 years’ project and leadership experience and has worked more than 15 years in management consulting up to international corporations. He advised country CEOs (up to 2 bn ER) in the strategic change of the operation model and lead reorganizations and integrations (up to 10.000 people). Beside the profound skills in strategy development he stands out by assessment and reengineering with focus on business-agility, corporate culture and future of work. This knowledge was well-founded by a thesis in "soft-factor management" and 2 years of investigation. With the combination of hands-on experience and IT know-how he brings in value as accelerator and coach in digitalization and holistic organizational transformation.