Eduardo Llanos

Agile Project Manager - How Do We Combine The Two Worlds? (en)

Can we have projects in an agile world? Are there any conflict areas? If so, why?

What if our business wants to work with projects, we have a PMO organisation and some teams want to go “agile”? What’s the difference between a Project Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach and a Product Owner? Can we rename or project managers to product owner and give them an agile course?

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Why Should We Invest Money And Time On An Agile Organisation? (en)

As a manager with a budget you may ask yourself what the value of investing in roles as Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches are. I am going to talk about the ROI of investing in agile mindset, principles and values.

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About Eduardo

Eddie is an Agile Coach that thrives in helping organisations become more agile. Becoming more agile (different from “doing agile”) is difficult and takes time. Why? Because there is no silver bullet that works everywhere. LeSS, SAFE, Scaling Scrum are agile frameworks, they include many tools, rituals and recipes that require adaptation and A LOT OF training to really give value.

Eddie started his career working with traditional project management and works now as an agile coach since many years. Eddie uses his experience to be pragmatic, focus on trust, safety and teams to enable great collaboration.