Jan Grape

Motivation → Quality → Speed (in that order) (EN)

In an ever-changing business landscape, agile ways of working are very helpful to evolve our products and ways of working to fit our current needs. But how do we ensure that the people working in our organization, trying to keep up with changing (and increasing) demands, have a chance to do their best? Everybody knows that when the pressure is on for too long, we lose quality, increase technical debt, struggle to deliver at our desired pace and eventually feel demotivated.

This talk is about how we can keep the workplace awesome. How to find the balance between important drivers and desires in product development. How to avoid the "agile disaster'' of expecting the promise of agile without investing the very things that make agile work.

I share my best insights, tricks and practices for organizations to stay agile and not lose sight of the key factors that make a development organization and the people in it engaged and productive.

About Jan

Jan made his first commercial software 35 years ago as a teenager. Throughout his career he has worked as a programmer, usability engineer, team lead, software architect, manager, agile coach and more.

Diversity and a richness of inputs has always guided Jan, taking on different roles and viewpoints, but above all working with people that are different than one self to broaden the perspective and learn from those who think different.