Mia Kolmodin

Unlocking The Collective Intelligence With Business Agility (en)

In the world of today speed and flexibility is even more important than ever before. Unfortunately this is the opposite to what our organizations have been constructed for. Too often we find our self stuck in organizations with structures constructed to control instead of giving flexibility. We can’t collaborate with the people we need to, or talk to customers when we need to, or make the decisions we need to deliver value - even the workplace environment is often constructed against our needs. Managers might think they don't have the capacity to pursue new ideas, or perhaps even not the right people - this is not true. You have all of that, but you prioritize the illusion of control instead making use of the collective intelligence in your employees.

Agile values and principles is a great way to unlock the collective intelligence in any organization to enable innovation and awesome people - when used across the organization we call it Business Agility.

In this presentation I will share ideas and examples that enable Agile change and Agile ways of working, making any organization high performing by removing hindering structures and empowering the employees to deliver customer- and employee value.

About Mia

Mia Kolmodin is the founder of the Agile Coaching company Dandy People in Stockholm, and the creator of the Agile in a Nutshell series of infographic posters and co-founder and driver of the Network Agilakontrakt.se focusing on agilizing procurement in Sweden.

Besides this, she's a passionate Agile Coach, Facilitator & Trainer within Product Management, Product Ownership, Lean UX, Lean Startup, Leadership & Organization Design.