Michał Dusiński

Product Owner - The One Between (en)

"These days, everyone claims they are doing Scrum, but when you take a closer look, the claim is where it ends. While we pamper the Development Team, rightfully so, as it is they who create the software, Product Owners are pushed further into obscurity. I will tell you a few User Stories about a PO’s daily routine of keeping the delicate balance between the Stakeholders (with an unquenchable thirst for more) and the Team, who bravely battle the temptation of makeshift solutions. Through my tale you will begin to understand the importance of production deployments, as well as the fight for Business Value. The latter, having an inconvenient tendency to vanish under a pile of, “as a user, I want my checkbox on the right, in order to… Because!”. I shall reveal to you which magic word Product Owners most commonly use and why this word is as important as it is difficult. Naturally, this story ends well, as every User Story :) But before we get there, a little more about what is really important in such tales."

About Michał

And short bio, to show, who's that guy :)

Experienced dad :) Over 20 years in IT. An experienced programmer and entrepreneur, always in love (reciprocal) with Agile methodologies, and more recently in a warier relationship with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Often a trainer, even more often Product Owner, software architect and programmer, a longtime Scrum Master - always Agile Evangelist. Google Mentor. Passionate about innovative education. Founder of several startups, some were sold, some were down and some are new :) Currently CEO at Agile Force and Wolves Code. Deeply believes in technology, but always believes in people more.