Pascal Papathemelis

Towards Organic Agility, How To Improve Your Culture (en)

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Why is it so? Everybody says that culture is important and that it needs to be improved. A decision by the management and a related announcement at the summer or Christmas party do not bring much. The organisational culture is based on people’s values & their behaviour. How can it be quantified in order to really know where the organisation stands on this? How to evolve it and follow up the journey based on real facts?

In this talk we will see how to identify an agile culture based on the competing values framework and how an organisational culture transformation can be measured and followed up in smaller steps.

See intro @YouTube

Introduction To Coaching (en)

The purpose of coaching in that the coachee gets some positive results by new thinking and new insights. In this the coach facilitates the process and the coachee on the content.

In this workshop the participants will get an introduction into coaching and get a chance to practice and experience it first hand.

In between practical exercises we will discuss what is the structure of a coaching discussion, what are good criteria to succeed, what are powerful questions and a quick reference into two methods and how the coach can facilitate in this process.

See intro @YouTube

Note: In order for having an effective workshop and learn something, it is best for the participants to bring up real problems for discussion. This then requires that everything discussed in the workshop about the participants is confidential. The workshop will have a limited amount of 25 participants. The coaching session stretches over three schema slots in order to get an adequate depth of the discussions and coaching.

About Pascal

Pascal has worked as an agile project manager/scrum master/facilitator of various developments in size and type for almost two decades. His focus is on people and practical approaches in order to deliver value. Currently Pascal is working at agile42 as an agile coach. Since 2014 a co-organiser of Agile Finland’s coaching circle in Helsinki and an active member of the Agile Finland community.