Gunilla Svanfeldt

How to write agile documentation: by magic or by method

Do you struggle with writing good agile documentation? Despite being a good writer and having successful agile processes.

You are not alone. The agile manifesto claimed “Working software over comprehensive documentation”. It clearly pointed out how the waterfall project documentation didn’t work. But it also left us with a vacuum.

What is agile documentation, anyway? And how can you move away from unusable braindumps, and instead create efficient and usable documentation?

I have no magic spell to solve your problems instantly. But I do have a systematic method that can bring you close enough.

With this method, the documentation becomes:

  • easier and faster to write
  • easier to use for the readers
  • easier to update, also for someone who didn’t write the original documentation.

Do you also want to learn the tips and tricks that skilled technical writers use? Because even though it may seem like magic, it is merely an illusion that you can learn to master.

This talk will show you both theory, science, and hands-on examples of common situations that technical writers often face.

Gunilla Svanfeldt

Gunilla Svanfeldt is a technical communicator. She works as a consultant with the mission of covering the documentation gap at software companies. With her background in information technology (M Sc), journalism (BA) and then a scrum master certificate, she felt ready to face the software documentation vacuum that the agile manifesto often has resulted in.