Marcus Hammarberg

How to create full-stack developers in 3 months

At School Of Applied Technology we are training full-stack web developers in our accelerated career program for 3 months. In this program, we are using many agile techniques and practices to help the developers learn more than they ever have done before. The result is amazing where we have 150+ developers with raving reviews from our clients come into work, after just 3 months of intense training.

In this session, Marcus will let you in on a few of our secrets and tricks on how we get this to work.

About Marcus

Get agile to work in practice - is my motto. This had led me to take interest in all kind of things: Kanban, Lean, TDD, Specification by example, Node, Continuous Delivery, serverless technologies, and I have also contributed to open-source frameworks such as SpecFlow, Nancy and Koa.

I've spent 2 years working for the Salvation Army in Indonesia to help the health services there to become more effective.

I've written two books; Kanban in Action that describes the fundamentals and a business novel about how lean/agile principles helped us to save a hospital in Indonesia.

Right now I'm working as head of curriculum and quality at School of Applied Technology where we use agile techniques to train full stack developers.