Mattias Skarin

Expanding Agile into the company

How do you expand Agile usefully to the company? How do you make sure it’s not an isolated bubble inside IT? Mattias will share stories of how this has been approached, and a few general strategies of how to go about.

About Mattias Skarin

Sun Tzu once said that the ultimate responsibility of generalship is to maneuver into a position of success. His quest is to figure out how best to do just that in complex fast moving environments.

Mattias coach and train managers and teams across the value stream on how to use Lean and Agile tools to create and maintain a competitive edge. How do we use Agile to evolve areas outside IT, such as marketing, product management, has been a focus for him for the last number of years.

Mattias has been participating in Agile Islands all the years back, and has always been one of the most popular speakers.

Mattias is the author of the book Real World Kanban and the co-author of Kanban and Scrum, making the most of both.