Gunilla Svanfeldt

A technical documentation mystery: 5 clues to useful docs

Can’t people read anymore? Don’t users follow your instructions? All the documentation is there, available, and your colleague has verified that the content is correct. Yet, you get the same questions over and over again. It doesn’t seem like the documentation is doing what is should. Rings a bell?

In this talk, you’ll learn about five common – and very human – mistakes that writers do that make the documentation unclear to the reader. Then, you’ll learn the tips and tricks on how to do instead, so that your reader may easily follow your text and understand the content. Let’s solve the technical documentation mystery!

Gunilla Svanfeldt

Gunilla Svanfeldt is a technical writer consultant with the mission to help software companies bridge the documentation gap.

Sometimes that means writing the docs herself for them. Sometimes she instead teaches DIY-skills for technical documentation.

Her methods are well suited for agile processes and her focus is on hands-on methods and tips.