Harriet Bodö

Self Leadership is the new black - the era of agile organizations and coaching leadership is finally here!

Self-leadership is becoming more and more important. Increased remote work, and more complex tasks, results in that we no longer can expect anyone to have all the answers or know how all the tasks are performed in an organization. The ability to lead oneself at work is challenging - it requires new ways of thinking, new ways of planning as well as new ways of collaborating. Not the least it also means new ways of leading employees.

Agile organizations have a big advantage in terms of self-leadership. As work in agile organizations is planned in a proactive, time specific, and engaging way it both requires self-leadership and provides the conditions for it. In agile organizations, self-leadership is a prerequisite, but it also requires interaction, planning and follow-up of.

Being able to work independently, lead oneself daily at work and collaborate with others is the key to future success. This is a big part of the changed working life and new ways of working we all are about to face. Agile working methods are a spot on tool for adapting to the new, set a good foundation for self-leadershiop and achiev set goals.

Harriet Bodö

Harriet Bodö, Coach Me & More, has more than 10 years experience from leading operational teams in an international organisation. Today she works as leadership and team coach focusing on remote work, self-leadership and agile ways of working.