KEYNOTE – Katarina Gospic

From caveman to avatar

Did you know that we have the same brain today as we did 40,000 years ago? At the same time, the tech development has never been faster. Today is your slowest day. To be successful in the new digital age, we need to know where we are coming from and where we are headed. If we do, we can use the power of the digital tsunami sweeping the world to our advantage. We get glasses to see the digital transformation in a positive way - how new technologies can make us healthier, smarter and save the planet. Join us at the journey that takes you from caveman to avatar.

About Katarina Gospic

Katarina Gospic is has an academic background as a physiologist, MD and PhD. One of Katarina's strengths is making difficult things easy to understand.

At the age of twenty-seven, she was interviewed by The New York Times for her groundbreaking brain research. In 2013, she was a “sommarpratare” in Swedish Radio P1 and in 2015 she became one of the new faces who was awarded a spot at the "Stockholm Hall of Fame" at Arlanda Airport. She has received awards such as the Mensa Prize and has been named both Super Talent and Super Communicator. Katarina has been an entrepreneur for ten years and now works with the latest technology, such as VR, AR, AI and data fusion in areas such as education and health. She has written seven popular science books and is a frequently invited brain expert in the media. Now she is out with her eighth book "Digital Tsunami - the revolution that can destroy or save the world" published by Bonnier.

Katarina Gospic wants to implement knowledge about the brain and how we use advanced technology in a smart way in order to promote health, equality and sustainable development. She believes that if we know how things work, we can steer our decisions, ourselves and the world in the desired direction.