Thank for a great event 2019! Let's continue to work on being the number one agile community in the world.

Welcome to AGILE ISLANDS 2019

We are proud to present the speakers of this year’s conference – a total of some +20 individual experts. These individuals, together representing deep understanding and experience from areas such as IT, sales, public authorities, HR, and other businesses will share with us what components they see as joint building blocks in creating an attractive community, irrespective if it is in business, public administration or other activities.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen that Agile Islands have caught attention far outside Åland, and for this reason, we’re making this year’s conference even more available to English speaking attendees.

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Meet this year’s speakers

Tuva Palm

One of the most powerful in tech! Tuva Palm has more than 20 years of experience after growing and transforming companies like Klarna, Nordnet and Oracle - she’s built software which runs on billions of devices daily.

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Jan Grape

Jan made his first commercial software 35 years ago as a teenager. Throughout his career he has worked as a programmer, usability engineer, team lead, software architect, manager, agile coach and more.

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Ulrika Malmgren

Test specialist turned Agile Coach turned Programmer. Loves exploring the field of Software Development from different perspectives to uncover the mechanisms at play in between technologies or humans (or technologies and humans).

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David Sundelius

David has experience with rendering techniques for lighting, programming language development and front end architecture for web applications, but is now working as a technical agile coach.

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J. B. Rainsberger

J. B. (Joe) Rainsberger helps software organizations better satisfy their customers and the businesses they support. Expert at delivering successful software, he writes, teaches and speaks about why delivering better software is important, but not enough.

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Andreas Björk

Andreas leder idag produktutvecklingen, kundonboardingen och driften av Enfuce tjänster samt produkter. En stor del av tiden går år att skapa en organisation och kultur som kan hantera dagens behov av innovation, flexibilitet och mod att göra saker.

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Mattias Skarin

I coach and train managers and teams across the value stream on how to use Lean and Agile tools to create and maintain a competitive edge. How do we use Agile to evolve areas outside IT, such as marketing, product management, has been a focus of mine for the last number of years.

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Lilian Eriksson

Lilian Eriksson, kommundirektör berättar om utvecklingsresan som gjorde Ängelholm till Sveriges första agila kommun. I Ängelholm i nordvästra Skåne bestämde man sig för att sätta medborgarna i fokus på ett nytt sätt. Resultatet: En agil utvecklings- och serviceorganisation utan förvaltningar och stuprör.

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Karin Wettermark Jonsson

Karin Wettermark Jonsson, kommunikationschef berättar om utvecklingsresan som gjorde Ängelholm till Sveriges första agila kommun. I Ängelholm i nordvästra Skåne bestämde man sig för att sätta medborgarna i fokus på ett nytt sätt. Resultatet: En agil utvecklings- och serviceorganisation utan förvaltningar och stuprör.

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Helena Walin & Frida Nordström

Helena Walin (vänster på bilden). Går även under namnet Moder Agile eller Agila tanten. Har arbetat på Arbetsförmedlingen i 4 år och de senaste två åren som ansvarig för Arbetsförmedlingens agila transformation. Frida Nordström (höger på bilden). Har arbetat på Arbetsförmedlingen i 13 år och arbetar som sektionschef för Ledning och Kommunikation.

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Frida Mangen

I den här sessionen introduceras du till vad Agil HR innebär, hur vi kan arbeta och vilka förutsättningar som krävs. Tillsammans kan skapa hållbara, framgångsrika och härliga arbetsplatser! Frida Mangen driver den populära podden; agilaHRpodden, arbetar som HR konsult och utbildare inom agilitet kopplat till HR och ledarskap.

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Mia Kolmodin

Mia Kolmodin is the founder of the Agile Coaching company Dandy People in Stockholm, and the creator of the Agile in a Nutshell series of infographic posters and co-founder and driver of the Network focusing on agilizing procurement in Sweden.

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Nuria Rojo

Nuria Rojo is an organization transformation consultant with the mission of making organizations thrive, combining the human talent, future of work components and technology, with a holistic perspective. She brings in her international experience leading and doing change projects, from the analysis over the design to the adoption, in more than 15 countries and in post-merger integration environment.

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Andreas Lagger

Andreas Lagger has more than 25 years’ project and leadership experience and has worked more than 15 years in management consulting up to international corporations. He advised country CEOs (up to 2 bn ER) in the strategic change of the operation model and lead reorganizations and integrations (up to 10.000 people).

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Pascal Papathemelis

Pascal has worked as an agile project manager/scrum master/facilitator of various developments in size and type for almost two decades. His focus is on people and practical approaches in order to deliver value. Currently Pascal is working at agile42 as an agile coach. Since 2014 a co-organiser of Agile Finland’s coaching circle in Helsinki and an active member of the Agile Finland community.

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Michał Dusiński

Experienced dad :) Over 20 years in IT. An experienced programmer and entrepreneur, always in love (reciprocal) with Agile methodologies, and more recently in a warier relationship with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Often a trainer, even more often Product Owner, software architect and programmer, a longtime Scrum Master - always Agile Evangelist.

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Johan Sjöström

Jag heter Johan Sjöström och arbetar som Business Designer på byrån Esatto med säte Stockholm. Jag brinner för att få organisationer och företag att se människan de möter – människan vi ofta kallar kund. Jag tror att öppenhet och empati är grunden för att skapa kundrelationer som håller och utvecklas över tid och arbetar med metoder för att stärka organisationer att designa rätt kundupplevelser och att skapa förutsättningar i företagen att göra det över tid.

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Jimmy Janlén

Jimmy Janlén is an agile coach and teacher at Crisp (Stockholm). In addition to coaching, Jimmy holds courses, writes books, blogs and creates videos on all things agile and lean such as agile leadership, agile adaptations, large scale agile, team dynamics and facilitation. He sometimes refers to himself as a bureaucracy therapist, cultural acupuncture, cross company pollinator and visualization magician.

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Mina Boström Nakićenović

Mina is a passionate IT leader with 20+ years of experience. She worked as a developer, software architect, development manager and now as a Head of Development at NetEnt. In October she will start an exciting journey as a Chief Technology Officer at Paradox Interactive. Apart from Mina’s big passion for technology, in the past few years she developed a big interest in innovation questions and innovation management.

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Tonje Elizabeth Aarøe

Tonje is an ex-Googler with deep knowledge of how organisations can create a leading digital culture & consult on the consequences of the digital paradigm shift. She helps organisations engage their teams and people successfully and in that help reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve quality and profitability through creating an engaging work culture.

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Eduardo Llanos

Eddie is an Agile Coach that thrives in helping organisations become more agile. Becoming more agile (different from “doing agile”) is difficult and takes time. Why? Because there is no silver bullet that works everywhere. LeSS, SAFE, Scaling Scrum are agile frameworks, they include many tools, rituals and recipes that require adaptation and A LOT OF training to really give value.

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Magnus Andersson

Magnus har en något unik bakgrund genom att tidigare varit verksam dansare, både internationellt och i Sverige. Efter danskarriären fortsatte han som civilingenjör, utvecklare, projektledare, scrum master och agil coach, på företag som TAT, Blackberry, ustwo, King och Ikea. Numera är Magnus senior agil coach i Malmöbaserade zerodistance, där han hjälper företag och organisationer att förstå “varför” de behöver vara agila.

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Join us on our journey towards an agile society

“Agile islands” is a vision of Åland being the number one agile community in the world.

This means that all parts of the society are based on agile values and they are leading examples in agile methods and practises in their respective areas, regardless if the organisation is based on commercial, public or non-profit principles.

We believe that a common view on focusing organisations based on agile values and practises gives the society a unique possibility to cooperate.

We believe that all parts of a community are better, efficient and creates more value if run by agile values and practises, irrespective of the being commercial or non-profit organisations. In addition we trust that the leading agile community in the world is an extraordinary place to live in, regardless of being born or having migrated to the Ålands islands.

New! From agile inspiration to mingle4action

The Agile Society is the vision, and we can start making it happen right away. Turn inspiration into action and business by joining the Mingle4Action, that rounds up this forward-looking day. Meet the right people in intensive face-to-face meetings, listen to their ambitions, tell them yours, and find out if you have common businesses for the future.

Enroll, communicate and book at least five meetings for future business. Because nothing will happen, if talented people with an ambition do not meet and decide on a route forward. Mingle4Action is the place to start.

To participate 15:00-17:00, download Card4Action on Google Play or AppStore and sign up for the Mingle4Action at an additional cost of only €20 (plus taxes). You can either join the Mingle only, or take the all-inclusive-trip arranged by Affärsminglet from Stockholm September 23 on Viking Cinderella, all and return on Viking Rosella on September 24. The beauty of the 90 minutes is that you never have had at least ten business meetings in such a short time. Enjoy the agility.


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