J. B. Rainsberger


Software Coach, Mentor and Consultant, TDD Trainer tdd.training. Swede stuck in a Canadian's body. Barista. 5-pin Bowler. Adviser to software companies. Irreligious Agilist. Friend. He’ll explore themes related to increasing iteration speed:

  • Theory of Constraints as a fundamental theory that helps us figure out how to iterate more effectively.
  • The difference between rework-from-mistakes and rework-as-learning, both in design and in exploring features.
  • Specific techniques to reduce the cost of iterating, to make it easier for us, and to reduce people's resistance to it.
  • How to use ToC to adopt those techniques safely, meaning effectively and avoiding chaos in the process.

About J. B.

J. B. (Joe) Rainsberger helps software organizations better satisfy their customers and the businesses they support. Expert at delivering successful software, he writes, teaches and speaks about why delivering better software is important, but not enough.