Welcome to Agile Islands 2020!

Welcome to Agile Islands 2020!

We are proud to present the speakers of this year’s conference – a total of some +20 individual experts. These individuals, together representing deep understanding and experience from areas such as IT, sales, public authorities, HR, and other businesses will share with us what components they see as joint building blocks in creating an attractive community, irrespective if it is in business, public administration or other activities.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen that Agile Islands have caught attention far outside Åland, and for this reason, we’re making this year’s conference even more available to English speaking attendees.

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We're currently working on all the speekers and topics. Here you can register a non-binding interest to participate in order to secure your seat. We will contact you when the schedule is ready in order for you to complete the registration.

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KEYNOTE – Friederike Fabritius

Why agile works - Why does agile work? And what’s the neuroscience behind agile principles such as small steps, frequent feedback, and shorter meetings? In this keynote, you will learn how to use the latest insights from social cognitive neuroscience to improve your personal effectiveness.

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