Welcome to Agile Islands 2022!

Agile Islands Conference

The Agile Islands conference of 2022 will be held on Tuesday September 27:th.

For 2022, we are planning to take the conference to the next level – being fully hybrid. This means that both speakers and attendees can attend physically in Mariehamn or online. This way we can give full flexibility and at the same time attract speakers and attendees who wouldn’t have the chance to travel to Åland.

We are currently looking for speakers, and once things to start to come into place, we will start listing the speakers here.

Join us on our journey towards an agile society

Agile Islands is a vision of Åland being the number one agile community in the world.

This means that all parts of the society are based on agile values and they are leading examples in agile methods and practices in their respective areas, regardless if the organisation is based on commercial, public or non-profit principles.

We believe that a common view on focusing organisations based on agile values and practices gives the society a unique possibility to cooperate.

We believe that all parts of a community are better, efficient and creates more value if run by agile values and practices, irrespective of the being commercial or non-profit organisations. In addition we trust that the leading agile community in the world is an extraordinary place to live in, regardless of being born or having migrated to the Ålands islands.

Meet this year’s speakers

Hans Gillior

Hans Gillior

Why is it that 8 out of 10 agile transformation projects fail to deliver tangible business benefits? And why are some companies/organizations more successful than others? Is it luck? Let us go back to basics and discuss the foundation of agile transformation - with a starting point in research and experience.

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We will announce more speakers

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