Tonje Elizabeth Aarøe


Outcomes of session:

  • Understand the features of High Performing Teams and Co-Creation and what really makes the difference on the efficiency, productivity and overall results Insights on the impact of engagement and what happens to team performance when it isn’t there
  • Insights and apply how to build the commitment of people to behave differently
  • Insights into and applying a coaching model to leading their teams to success
  • Create action plans to take back to own workplace to help enable High Performing Teams & Co-Creation

About Tonje

Tonje is an ex-Googler with deep knowledge of how organisations can create a leading digital culture & consult on the consequences of the digital paradigm shift. She helps organisations engage their teams and people successfully and in that help reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve quality and profitability through creating an engaging work culture.

Tonje is experienced in co-creating thriving work cultures and engaging people in the organisation while going through change with a core capability in staff engagement and change of behaviour. She is a keynote speaker on leading digital culture and culture change, published author, with a can-do attitude to do whatever it takes to get results for her clients.