Louise Callenberg & Daniel Thysell

How to become agile in a non classic agile organization, such as public sector?

How can you become agile in public sector? Where and how do you start? And how do you transform the manifest and ceremonies to fit bureaucrazy and silos-structured organizations? These and many other questions are answered in a dialog between senior agile coach Daniel Thysell and agile scrum master wannabee Louise Callenberg on the topic: is agile possible in public sector and how do you start your journey? What obstacle do you have to work with and how to avoid agile theatre.

Louise Callenberg

Louise Callenberg is a leader with a background from every sector. She has worked as general secretary in NGOs changing trends with loss of members and decreasing trust. She has also worked at Stockholm City Hall with education policies and digital strategy and development. As a manager at Swedish Association of municipalities and regions (SKR) for digital collaboration and renewal she introduced the team to agile way of working to speed up delivery without losing important healthy work environment. Today she is CEO at the people company Singula in the consultantbusiness. A company that is build on agile and transparent principals.

Daniel Thysell

Daniel Thysell is a senior agile coach, with a long background in software development in companies as Tritech and Sigma technologies. He has being a part of the podcast Transformation embedded and has great knowledge in how to drive change. Daniel is a founding partner of Singula, and together with Louise he is a part of newly started Sngl (), un incubator for tech innovations. Together they drive Singulas agile work with building a start up with structure, tickets, bets and transparency.

Louise and Daniel have long training in leadership from the community IERO, where they got to know each other for 10 years ago. IERO is a leadership training program that makes leaders able to lead and achieve more together with teams in a complex and fast changing environment.